We headed over to the homies Vape Supply Co out in Pasadena, CA over the weekend to sponsor thier event with United Vapes. It seems to me that the Vape community has developed into a good positive “scene”, as VSCO’s motto is “Quit Smoking, Start Vapeing”. Here are some photos of the function, not to mention Dj Babu (Dilated peoples/ Beat Junkies) provided the music. Enjoy.IMG_4775_MG_4772Heres Joey and Benny the brothers that are the masterminds behind the three locations on Vape Supply Co. Pasadena, Downtown LA, and Brooklyn New York.IMG_4779We ran a raffle every hour at our booth during the function. Mike (Chukkles) photo bombin in the back._MG_4773_MG_4746

Luke blowin dragon clouds.IMG_4786

Our Streeteam Paul (right) brought the rides out.IMG_4752IMG_4753_MG_4763IMG_4781Younger as a DJ (Wax Munkiez Crew), I had the pleasure DJing Babu’s son Niko’s 5th Birthday, guests like; Rakka Irascience, Evedence, 2mex, KeyKool, Truly Odd, JRocc, Rhettmatic etc, you get the point. The best house party I’ve Djed in my life. Here’s “The Dangerous Man that can speak with his hands,” Dj Babu (Dilated Junkie).IMG_4792IMG_4793