Memorial Day BBQ we invited our friends from Brody’s Hawaiian BBQ from West Covina, Ca. to join us on our Factory Store sale. Through out the day we had several customers that came out,  met a few good people who are inspired to establish their own brands, and not to mention they still hold their continued support for VP.bbq7Here’s one of our customers @Cristashi sporting the Venice tee we did in 2008. This was one of our first graphic tees we had made, we got kicked out and almost arrested in Venice beach trying to hit the Promenade wall without permits with rollers and buckets of house paint. Nice one.bbg6Heres Rob (left), owner of Brody’s, he’s been open around the SGV area for about a year and been one of the popular picks around town. Our staff pick on his menu is the Ahi Poke Burrito it has us going back to his restaurant at lease twice a week.bbq5Inari (sushi) wrapped filled with veggies, rice, spices, sesame, and chunks of Poke Tuna. bbq4Rob also rolled up his first foot long Ahi Poke Burrito for a few of our staff. Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 9.17There are a few things off on his menu, “a secret menu”, my next order would be the Deep fried Spam Musubi.bbq2We opened the factory bay doors for our customers to grub down.bbq3 To those who missed out, there will be a next soon to come.